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Fridge Repair Singapore
For Commercial Businesses

If you're facing problems with your restaurant's or business's refrigerator, freezer, ice maker or cold room, you've found the right company. Our speedy and professional fridge repair experts are just a call away. We store crucial parts and equipment in our service vehicles to complete all fridge repairs on the spot, in one appointment. The whole process is really simple; you give us a call, and we fix the problem you face on the same day.

Unit Not Cold
We can dispatch our fridge repair experts to your place on the same day to fix the cooling issues you're facing.
Not Turning On
If your refrigerator or ice maker is not turning on at all, call us as we can find and fix the issue.
Circuit Breaker Trip
Electrical overloads usually causes a breaker to trip. This is due to faulty parts that we can replace.
Ice Maker Problem
Slow or not working ice makers are a common problem, don't worry, we have the solution for you.
Not Functioning
If your appliance is turning on but is not functioning properly, we can solve the problem for you.
Blinking Display
If your display is blinking, there are multiple possible reasons. Our experts can take a look at it for you.

Why Choose

  • Emergency Service
  • Only $30 Transport Fee
  • Trusted & Recommended
  • 20+ Years Experience
  • All Chiller Problems
  • Repair of Freezers
  • Fixing Ice Makers
  • Repairing Cold Rooms

Our Happy Customers

Our restaurant's ice maker stopped producing ice. As the manager of the restaurant, I did a search and contacted They came down and in just a few short hours, the ice maker was fixed and back to working condition. I am extremely pleased with their work.

Steve Tan, Bugis

Their technician checked and explained that the compressor was spoilt and offered to fix it for a modest price. He respectfully waited for us to discuss it and on the same day, he came back to replace it. I loved the fantastic service and fast rectification.

Simon Low, Orchard

He was quickly able to pinpoint that my refrigerator problems was due to a broken motherboard. Lucky for me he have the motherboard in stock and immediately replaced it on the spot and saved all the frozen meat in my refrigerator! I would recommend him to everyone.

Eddie, Paya Lebar

Why Choose LW Fridge Repair?

Our team has been in the business of repairing commercial ice makers, chillers and freezers for over a decade. The experiences we've picked up in this period has allowed us to become masters of our craft, providing us the ability to deliver our clients effective and affordable results when it comes to the repair of business fridges in Singapore. Our list of clients include restaurants, cafes, manufacturing plants, storage facilities, laboratories and many more.

One thing different about us is that we are mostly able to offer immediate repairs on the first appointment by carrying parts required in our service vehicles. This saves you precious time that would've otherwise been wasted.

Step 1

We strongly believe in only accepting jobs that we are confident in to help save your precious time. Give us a call and we'll discuss your case.

Step 2

If all is good, we'll have one of our experienced fridge technicians down at your location at the agreed timing, usually on the exact same day.

Step 3

Our technician will then diagnose the issue and explain it to you, together with an exact quotation based on parts required to solve the issue.

Step 4

If the price is reasonable, we'll get right to fixing the issue you're facing. Once that is done, your fridge will be back to its perfect condition.

If you need reliable and affordable commercial fridge repair service for your business,

call our friendly team immediately at (65) 9181 0142