Ceiling Fan Installation Services Singapore

Get a new ceiling fan installed in your property. We also have a range of modern and economical ceiling fan options if you have not purchased your own. Contact our electricians now for a price quote.

Why get ceiling fan installation services?

Ceiling fans are an economical way to stay cool and relaxed in the hot and humid Singaporean climate. The method used to install a fan depends on if you have a false ceiling or concrete ceiling. With a false ceiling, installation is more complex than on a solid ceiling. This is because it would have to be secured to additional support beams. Either way, we can get it done affordably. Whether you need a new ceiling fan, or have bought one and just need it installed, our electricians can help.

Additionally, if you need a new fan, we have partnered up with leading local fan suppliers, and are able to furnish a comprehensive range of ceiling fans that are suited to every budget and every style. From basic ceiling fans to light-integrated designer fans, chat with us now to find out more about the available options and receive a no-obligation quotation for the service.

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