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We Can Fix Almost Any Cooling Issues
For Home & Commercial Fridges

The loss of coldness in a refrigeration unit can be a result of many different issues, such as a broken fan, faulty thermostat or blocked vent. Regardless of the issue your unit is facing, our experienced technicians can probably repair it. Our team has been in the business of repairing home and commercial chillers, fridges and freezers for decades. The experiences we've picked up in this period has allowed us to become masters of our craft, providing us the ability to deliver our clients effective and affordable results when it comes to the repair of fridges in Singapore.

Truly Easy And Quick Repair
The satisfaction of our customers is our ultimate goal. That's why we made the process dead simple, just drop us a call and if we're confident in solving your fridge issue, our technicians will be there to fix it, wherever in Singapore you're located.
No Real Obligations
If the problem is extensive, the fridge repair price may get a little high. In that case that it becomes unfeasible, you will not have to worry, all we ask for is a small $30 transport fee for home and commercial. We do not make any profit off this fee.

Fridge Repair Price

$30Transport Fee

This transport fee will be 100% waived if the quotation to fix the fridge is accepted. The quote will be provided once we have found the exact cause of the fridge issue.

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Same Transport Fee For All Timings

How Our Fridge Repair Process Works

Step 1

We strongly believe in only accepting jobs that we are confident in to help save your precious time. Give us a call and we'll discuss your case.

Step 2

If all is good, we'll have one of our experienced fridge technicians down at your location at the agreed timing, usually on the exact same day.

Step 3

Our technician will then diagnose the issue and explain it to you, together with an exact quotation based on parts required to solve the issue.

Step 4

If the price is reasonable, we'll get right to fixing the issue you're facing. Once that is done, your fridge will be back to its perfect condition.

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