How To Increase The Lifespan Of Your Fridge

Your kitchen is the most sensitive place that needs to be kept clean always. This is to prevent contamination of food stuffs and make the kitchen look smart. Apart from the dishwasher, another appliance in your kitchen that is heavily used and abused is the fridge. As you carry on with your daily chores, accidentally you may have some spills, drips or even food crumbs accumulating in your fridge without any alerts. It is important to keep the refrigerator organized and clean in order to increase its efficiency and lifespan. To keep your fridge organized and clean, you are advised to;

Use baskets

Find some local market where you can purchase some baskets. Find baskets with bright colors that will make your fridge look attractive. You can use these small baskets to put some small items that instead would occupy larger space if put separately.

Line your crisper

Always put your vegetable crispers with an absorbent material that will take up the juices that may get out of the vegetables and the fruits in the fridge. This will make the fridge remain clean always. Again these liners will absorb excess moisture making the food stuffs to stay for long. You are advised to replace the liners when they are fully soaked and put in dry ones.

Designate shelves

This is the easiest way of organizing your shelves and to avoid food mix-up. You are supposed to allocate different types of food in different shelves to make your fridge tidy and east to find items. You may use an erasable writing material to label each shelf with the category of food to be kept to help you keep track.

Enforce a one bottle rule

Only one bottle of food stuff being used should be put in the fridge and those yet to be opened to be put in the food cupboard. This will probably help you save on space and can even add more bottles of different foods.

Prevent drips and spills

Whenever there is any spillage in your fridge you are needed to wipe them and rinse it with clean water. You can also line your fridge with plastic mats that can be removed and be cleaned whenever there is spillage.

Make a list

In every home, there are high chances of food remaining. These leftovers need not to be thrown away. Instead, you are advised to make a list that will show you the type of leftover and the date. This will help you know how old a leftover is just by having a look at it. This way you will be able to make use of the leftover before it expires.

Bag it up

Whenever you buy food stuffs from the shop that may not need to be put in the fridge directly, you are advised to leave them packed in their plastic grocery containers as you put them into the fridge. This will ensure that any leakage of juices will be trapped in the bag.

Keeping your fridge clean and organized helps increase its lifespan and efficiency. When your fridge is well organized you can easily remove or put in items without forcing them. This eliminates any kind of damage of the fridge shelves and the door. Clean and organized fridge is efficient reducing the need for frequent repair.

You are also required to clean the door gasket of your fridge always with clean warm water without applying detergents as it can get damaged. If the gasket is not well taken care of, it can cost you an extra coin which could have been used for other economic development. For instance, sticky stuff like jelly and syrup that drip on to the anterior sides of the refrigerator may dry and make the gasket stick to the frame. On trying to open the door, the gasket can tear apart. This is most likely to shorten the lifespan and efficiency of your refrigerator. Lubricating the door handle and the gasket helps in preventing wear thus increasing its life. This may be done by sprinkling some baby powder onto a piece of cloth then wiping then wiping it at least once a month. Moreover, failure to clear food packages from the vents openings, evaporator fans and drain tubes encourages blockages. Blocked vents compromises air circulation thus shortening it lifespan. The freezer should be kept about three quarters full for air to circulate freely and retain cold air. If you need fridge repair Singapore, do contact us.